Focus and Scope

RECHTSIDEE aims to serve as a vibrant platform that fosters and disseminates legal studies and human rights research. The journal's objective is to promote theoretical, empirical, and practical understanding in a wide array of legal subfields, inviting submissions from scholars, analysts, practitioners, and all individuals invested in contributing to the literature on Legal Studies and Human Rights.

Our Scope:

  1. Civil Law: We welcome research exploring various aspects of Civil Law, including property law, contract law, tort law, and family law. Papers can delve into comparative studies, historical analyses, jurisprudence, and theoretical or practical applications of Civil Law.

  2. Islamic Law: Original research on the principles, sources, and applications of Islamic Law, and its influence on and intersection with other legal systems, is encouraged.

  3. Indonesian Law: This scope aims to collect work focused on the legal system of Indonesia, including its formulation, implementation, challenges, reforms, and impact on the society.

  4. Business Law: We solicit contributions dealing with any aspect of Business Law, including corporate law, competition law, employment law, intellectual property law, and international trade law.

  5. Constitutional Law: Research articles examining constitutional frameworks, the role and functioning of constitutional bodies, rights and duties under constitutions, and constitutional crisis and reforms across the globe are particularly welcome.

  6. Criminal Law: This area encompasses works on the definitions of crimes, legal sanctions, criminal procedure, international criminal law, and theories and philosophies pertaining to criminal law.

  7. Administrative Law: Contributions under this scope can encompass the legal framework for public administration, rights and duties of public officials, and legal issues related to public services and public policy.

  8. International Law: We encourage articles on topics relating to the laws governing relationships between nations, such as international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and laws of war and peace.

  9. Philosophy of Law: Research that philosophically examines the nature of law, the interpretation of law, or the moral and political obligations related to law fall under this category.

  10. Human Rights: We are particularly interested in articles discussing various aspects of human rights, including but not limited to theoretical debates, practical implementations, case studies of human rights violations, the role of institutions in safeguarding human rights, and comparative analyses of human rights across regions or periods.

Through this detailed scope, RECHTSIDEE seeks to facilitate intellectual dialogue, promote rigorous scholarship, and contribute significantly to the existing body of knowledge in the legal field.